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Influence Of System Appreciation And Motivation To Performance Of Manajerial

Growth of corporate world these days coloured by emulation which progressively tighten. This matter resulted caused by globalization current which wide open progressively for every perpetrator of business able to cause circle of racing each other to be able to face emulation and get excellence of kompetitif. performance of Manajerial performance individual (organizational member manajer) in activity of manajerial covering : planning, investigation of, coordination, evaluate, observation, arrangement of staff (delegation and staffing). System Appreciation all kind of appreciation of intrinsic goodness or used ekstrinsik by kombinatif by company during which at the same time. Motivate desire to conduct something that of condition of by ability of human being to do something utilizing to satisfy to its requirement. Target of this research is to know and test appreciation system and motivation by simultan have an effect on positive to performance of manajerial at PERUM DAMRI Surabaya. and to know and test variable having an effect on most dominant to performance of manajerial at PERUM DAMRI Surabaya.

This Population Research is all superintendent and manager in Perum DAMRI Surabaya amounting to 19 people with reason of that the manager hold to conduct to the all decision to applying of System Appreciation. Technique determination of sampel in research with census method. This research use primary data in the form of perception [all] unit head / unit sub head of PERUM DAMRI SURABAYA about variable - variable to be used in obtained research by using method of kuesioner.

Pursuant to result of examination which known that at Perum DAMRI System Appreciation have strong influence to Performance of Manajerial, and also can be proved that variable Motivate as variable of moderating between System Appreciation with to Performance of Manajerial.

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